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YOS (foreign student exam) TRAINING

Will compete with Europe and Balkans universities become living in Turkey and Turkish universities in Turkey who want to come to the first choice of foreign students started to pick up.

Turkey can enter universities in foreign students wishing to study exam "YOS" (foreign student exam) the dir.

Non-adjacent to Turkey and neighboring Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria, Albania, Greece, as well as countries such as United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, China, Japanıa citizen of Ukraine, Russia and Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey's leading young people's preference for universities.

For many years, "prepared by the students ' exam Yos “YÜKSEK KARİYER” TURKISH COURSES and YOS TRAINING CENTER FOR FOREIGNERS; Join the foreign students exam questions about is pleased to answer each time.

“YÜKSEK KARİYER” TURKISH COURSES and YOS TRAINING CENTER FOR FOREIGNERS; Training services, as well as after the University exam and do not leave alone students. Free guide to our service courses ,

  • College and Department research
  • The quota of College Tracker
  • Additional placement of College Tracker
  • Preparation of registration document
  • Establishment of contact with universities

“YÜKSEK KARİYER” TURKISH COURSES and YOS TRAINING CENTER FOR FOREIGNERS; (eight) persons-15 (Fifteen ) into groups, rich materials, degree in the field of experienced instructors (will know at least two foreign languages); IQ (intelligence quotient), Math, Geometry, Turkish or English (3 courses Gift) training.


» IQ (Intelligence coefficient, Logical thinking, Intelligence Use);

» Math (basic mathematical concepts)

» Geometry;

» Turkish or English (3 courses Gift)

» Residence permit operations (1 year) + (1 more year)


IQ (Intelligence coefficient, Logical thinking, Intelligence Use);

With the help of abstract concepts and perceptions or concrete to understand the relationship between objects, abstract thinking, reasoning, and this mental functions can use a compatible purpose capabilities intelligence .

Of intelligence Although different definitions corresponding to all of the theory of intelligence that can be enhanced for intelligence, a capacity or potential and the biological basis points. According to this intelligencehas an individual's innate, inherit from generation to generation, and covering the central nervous system functions; experience, learning and the environment is a compound modeled factors arising from.

Intelligence a lot of mental ability to be used in different situations and circumstances. These capabilities include the main:

Verbal Understanding: recognize words and comprehension,

Verbal Fluency: as the verbal and written words and expressions quickly finding,

Digital Talent: the ability to quickly and accurately, aritmetiksel operations

Areal and space relationships: ability to make two and three-dimensional visual detection,

Memory: auditory and Visual power of belleme, as

Perceptual Speed: to see the details of a complex object, to distinguish the relationship shape, accurately detect the similarities and differences,

Logical thinking: reasoning ability,

Logic-Math IntelligenceThe cognitive Problem-solving and thinking skills:

as can be added to the list. Other conditions that a person's intelligence level is held equal how much hard work He managed, many of the same challenges how much of the business or passes, or how soon reached its peak with the right result.

IQ (Intelligence coefficient, Logical thinking, Intelligence Use) Topics;

GENERAL ABILITY 1. Number sequence 2. Finding 3 different Shape. -Letter Table, so Finding 4. Scales (Shape Type) 5. Number – a relationship Like 6. Letters – number Relationship 7. Figure Series Which Shapes Or 5 × 5 Su Doku 8. 1st Row According To The Given Relationship II. Line which features Completes 9. I and II in the row Specified by linked III. Line Which features Completes 10. Finding the desired Shape in Figure Collection 11. 3 × 3 In such a way? Instead of Which must be preceded by the figure 12. 7 × 7 Or 8 × 8 In Way Finding Shapes through the Symbolic 1. Three-dimensional Cube Counting 14. Three Dimensional Figure Completion

Math (Basic mathematical concepts)

Mathematics Education

Math, science and daily life as well as a person often go up against him. Mathematics is a system based on the basis of logic and rational perspective as a tool that enhances the mind of people. To the person who creates a free and unbiased thought environment. People methodical, logical, consistent make him think. That's why the higher education programmes from elementary mathematics courses in all fields.

"YOS ' exam student author “YÜKSEK KARİYER” TURKISH COURSES and YOS TRAINING CENTER FOR FOREIGNERS; For secondary schools attended by foreign students exam in preparation for the transition to higher education from basic learning skills IQ (intelligence quotient),Math, Geometry education.

Yos Mathematics (basic mathematical concepts and topics)

MATH​ ; The NUMBERS are 1. Rational numbers Four Decimal Numbers 2 Four Operation Operation 3. Exponential numbers 4. Rooted Numbers FACTORIZATION 5. Simplification 6. Value Calculation EQUATION SYSTEMS (1st Order) 7. Two Unknowns Systems 8. Three Unknowns Systems SETS 9. The number of Calculation Elements 10. Finding An Intersection-Combination PROCESS QUESTIONS 11. (xoy= 2 x + 5y-4xy) ALGEBRA 12. (Oral Expression-free) POLYNOMIALS 13. Finding the Left Pane 2. Finding An Unknown Coefficient LOGARITHMS 15. Logaritmalı Equation 16. In Finding unknown 17. Calculating the logarithm Value 18. Shaped Question (Worth Finding) COMPLEX NUMBERS 19. Four Operation 20. Find the unknown in the equation 21. Graphics Questions TRIGONOMETRY 10. Solving Equations 23. Way Finding Trigonometric Values (insist on him or square or rectangular) 24. Total – Difference Formulae 25. Inverse Trigonometric FUNCTION 26. The resultant Suppliers With 27. Finding a Value 28. Functional Equation 29. Inverse Function That Contains Questions LIMIT 30. The trigonometric Limit Finding 31. The rational Polinomlu The limit of 32. Exponential – Rooted Using Limit DERIVATIVES 33. An endpoint on the Derivative Calculation 34. Covered Functions Derivative 35. Limit In The Differential ORU are 36. Graphic Question INTEGRAL 37. Indefinite İntegral 38. Definite İntegral 39. Finding 40. Finding Unknown specific İntegralde 41. Shaped Question LINEAR ALGEBRA 42.43 Four Operations in the matrix. Determinant Calculation



Areas of use

Geometry of everyday life in almost every field is required. In geometry, such as length, area, surface, some is used in determining quantities in terms of the concepts.

Geometry most is the nested branches; algebra and trigonometry, architecture, engineer (roads, bridges, buildings, machinery, ships and aircraft construction; mine, water and electrical works, such as public works and craftsmanship, technical studies, etc.), industrial areas, the simulations, computer programs and graphics, Cybernetics, design, art, etc. ' the dir geometry is used there is no such profession or field, it is a good word.

Geometry and geometric art is an art work has aesthetic values them. Famous painter Leonardo da Vinci's illustration work on body proportions, are the sketches drawn by. This percentage is called the golden ratio.

Geometry subject definitions:

CIRCLE: 1. Open the Circle; 2- length circle, CIRCLE; 3. Area Apartment, TRIANGLE; 4. Length Triangle, 5. Angle Triangle,6. Space Triangle, 7. Angle Triangle median, 8. Triangle Edge median, 9. Similarity Triangle, SQUARE; 10. Frame Length, 11. Karen Angle, 12. Karen in the area, RECTANGLE; 13. Length Rectangle, 14. Angle Rectangle, 15. Space Rectangle, SQUARE :16. Length of the rectangle, 17. Open the Quadrangle, PARALLELOGRAM : 18. Length of the parallelogram, 19. Parallelogram Angle, 20. Space Parallelogram, TRAPEZOID: 21. Length of the trapezoid, 22. Trapezoid Angle, 23. Space Trapezoid, POLYGON: 24. Length Polygons, 25. Polygon Angle


Turkish or English (3 courses Gift) , In General, the beginning (A1-A2) level

At the end of the beginning level course participant can be met easily, with a Turkish person can establish a dialogue, exchanges, petition and write us a letter, you can solve simple texts and stories, past, present and future can establish simple sentences, sentence elements, you can use the verbs according to the assay, zamirlere, hours, days, months, and seasons can learn Level.

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